apt.Design took a trip to Dresden recently and had the pleasure of seeing a carefully curated selection of Gerhard Richter’s work at the Albertinum.


The Arbitum Museum work closely with Richter when planning the install and exhibition of his works, as well as the works to be shown, so it was a real opportunity to see how the artist himself desired his work to be viewed. The Albertinum is home to the Gerhard Richter Archive.


What is more, there was the expectation to see his mighty abstract canvases but there was also the opportunity to see other mediums of work, including sculpture.




The piece 9 Upright Standing PanesĀ is as the title supposes. 9 glass panes in steel frames, a very solid construction. The sculpture is in reference to the idea that paintings are a window onto the world. The reflection that is caught in the glass of the viewer, or of the surrounding work, means that the sculpture can play two roles, that of architecture as well as the art.




It is always interesting to see how architecture is interpreted into artist’s work and how boundaries are constantly dissolved between these two practices. Furthermore visiting the Albertinum was a fantastic opportunity to see a diverse diplay of Richter’s work and as always the canvases were striking and monumental.