Following on from the couple of art fairs Apt attended in January, we decided to travel slightly further ashore and check out ARCO Madrid. Described on Artsy as ‘the international meeting point for exchange between Europe and Latin America,’ with 203 galleries from 30 countries participating, this fair was a feast for the eyes. With such a diverse range of artists represented from different environments and backgrounds, viewing and discovering the exhibited works around the fair was a refreshing and exciting experience.


So here is an attempt to round up some our favourite artworks we came across…


Alexandre Farto aka Vhils @ Vera Cortês

It’s exciting to see Vhils doing so well internationally, it’s becoming hard to keep up with all his amazing commissions and pieces of work! So it was a real pleasure to catch his work at ARCO Madrid.




Rasheed Araeen @ Baró Galeria

Having not known about Araeen’s work prior to the fair it was not only the geometrically striking forms of the sculptures but also the canvases that drew apt in. Later learning that Araeen is a Karachi born, London-based conceptual artist we are keen to discover more of his work back in the UK.




Fabrizio Corneli @ Studio Trisorio

Corneli’s pieces were a real show stopper. Many people gathered around to take photos of these mesmerizingly beautiful, thoughtful light pieces. These artworks are such a creative and intelligent use of light projection and manipulation.



Ángel Duarte @ José de la Mano

The José de la Mano booth was tastefully curated with these Ángel Duarte sculptures as a centre piece. Surrounding the sculptures were striking Jesús de la Sota paintings.